Centre for Academic Success
Centre for Academic Success

Learning Disability Support

The CAS team offers individually tailored support to students with a range of learning disabilities including Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia), Dyspraxia and Aspergers (Autistic Spectrum). This also includes physical and sensory issues such as hearing/visual impairment or other health issues which might affect study.

Our aim is to anticipate your needs and ensure that support is in place from the moment students arrive at University to the time that they graduate. We are happy to provide information and guidance before students complete their application via email or at a University Open Day. Advice and support is available to students from application to graduation.

Our Inclusion Counsellor, Siobhan McNiff, is responsible for:

  • Coordinating with Admissions/Campus Central and lecturers about special needs and disability support for students
  • Arranging for individualised and customised support for students with special needs
  • Assisting the Head of CAS with dissemination of skills-based sessions

Support may include sheltered exam arrangements, one-on-one weekly sessions designed to boost the student’s study skills and foster independent learning, and liaison with academic teams about reasonable adjustments. You can contact Siobhan at [email protected]