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Computer Engineering and Informatics

Computer Engineering and Informatics

The Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics (DCEI) at Middlesex University Dubai covers computer technology, and includes system design, programming concepts, application development for modern web and mobile systems, network design and management and skills to apply this learning to real-world problems. 

The courses we offer prepares the student for a wide range of business and computer-based careers including systems design engineering, software development, web-application development, network management, systems architects, chief information officer, enterprise architects etc.

To acquire hands on training, we have setup a state-of-the-art Physical Computing and Engineering laboratory equipped with the latest National Instrument ELVIS Platforms, Telecommunication boards, Raspberry-PI kits, tools like oscilloscopes and simulation software like Labview and Matlab to provide learning in electronic hardware. The Networking lab has sets of Cisco routers and switches to provide access to real equipment for in depth learning. In addition to these labs, students will have access to the general-purpose labs equipped with high speed computers and printers.

We realize that the field of information and communication technology changes very fast and employers expect new hires to be aware of and be “work ready” on emerging technologies and systems. In order to provide students a platform to keep abreast with new technologies, we have formal academic alliances with technology leaders like Dell-EMC, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP which enable us to provide professional development and training to students, free of cost. Cloud Computing, Big Data, Information Storage Management, CCNA, Java Certification and ERP foundation courses are some of the choices open to the students. Currently we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the BCS-Middle East chapter. In addition, we also have an active MDX Computing Society which provides another platform to students to polish and practice their technical and professional skills. Our students have participated and won at various international and national level competitions, gaining immense amount of knowledge and exposure.

We want to help develop transferable skills and knowledge in a way that supports, excites and intrigues you so that you can keep learning throughout your life, even after finishing your course. The university offers various workshops through the academic enrichment programs to prepare students for transferable skills of academic writing, presentations skills and so on. And we create and maintain an Alumni Network to keep you connected with Middlesex University and your classmates for life.

We invite you to read our annual newsletter, MDX.STREAM which highlights the DCEI activities, click the below links to see the electronic copies of our annual newsletter:


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