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Psychology studies - Middlesex University Dubai

Welcome to Middlesex University Dubai campus and undergraduate programmes in Psychology. Your programme combines broad learning in Psychology with a specialist strand that focuses on specific areas such as Counselling Skills, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Education. Successful completion of the is an important first step for those who wish to pursue further training in different areas of psychology such as clinical, counseling, educational, and forensic or health psychology. The choice of specific streams like Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Education offers future studies in psychology-related areas i.e. Organisational Psychology, Educational Psychology, or stream-specific areas such as Master in Human Resource Management or MBA in Marketing.

These programmes are designed for those who wish to pursue a career where an in-depth understanding and knowledge of human behaviour is essential, and combining specific streams are an important asset. Additional skills that you will learn while studying Psychology in combination with one of the four streams will be of value to you in future careers including: interpersonal awareness, information finding, oral and written communication skills, numeracy, computer literacy, time-management, problem solving, group working and the ability to carry out independent research.

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