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Exploring the future of Mental Health in the UAE

Exploring the future of Mental Health in the UAE

In line with the UAE’s Year of Preparation (2020: Towards the next 50), the Psychology Department at Middlesex University Dubai is hosting an online panel discussion of experts in the field of Clinical Psychology. The topic for this session is:


“From one decade to another: Exploring the future of Mental Health in the UAE”.


The event will focus on using research and clinical insights to spark a conversation about mental health and wellbeing in the UAE. We believe this is a timely way to mark the end of this tumultuous year and take what we have learned so far, to make our future better than our past.

Date: Thursday 26 November 2020
Time: 4pm (Dubai)

Simply fill out the registration form and we will send you the link for the virtual event.

We are delighted to welcome the below speakers who will be taking part in the panel discussion:


Dr Khadeja Mousa

Dr Khadeja Mousa is the co-founder and Clinical Director at Wise Mind Psychotherapy Center in Dubai.  She is a USA licensed Clinical Psychologist. She completed her Doctorate degree from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. Dr Mousa comes with over 14 years of mental health experience in inpatient and outpatient settings. She has international experience working in the USA, Kuwait, and the UAE. Dr Mousa has extensive training and professional experiences in psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and psychological and psychoeducational assessments. She uses an eclectic approach but focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), specifically Exposure Therapy (ET) techniques.  She has led workshops on anxiety disorders, and has presented at universities, medical centers, community health organizations and professional conferences.

Dr Jigar Jogia

JigarDr Jogia is a Chartered Psychologist (C Psychol), accredited by the British Psychological Society and a member of the American Psychological Association specializing in neuropsychology and mental health. Currently Associate Professor of Psychology at Zayed University. Prior to joining Zayed University Dr Jogia was lecturing and conducting research in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the UK including King’s College London [Institute of psychiatry psychology and neuroscience, Researcher development unit (courses in professional development) and school of medicine], University of Birmingham and Aston University. More recently Dr Jogia lectured at the American University in Dubai where he also led the development, accreditation and launch of an undergraduate psychology program. His research focuses on the study of mental health and psychological processes, employing cognitive psychometric testing and imaging methods. This program of research is multidisciplinary and includes the examination of neuropsychological abnormalities in major mental illnesses (including Bipolar and Major depressive disorder) as well as new and ground-breaking research into the classification of patient groups as a way of developing novel and valuable neuro diagnostics. More recently, he has led an interdisciplinary project (Aston and Salford Engineering schools) examining the psychological effects of natural disasters, leading to a publication and invitation to attend a British Council event in Malaysia (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) on capacity building to reduce disaster risk.

Dr Chasity O’Connell

ChasityDr O’Connell works with individuals, couples, and families to help them through the pain, distress, and challenges that may be preventing them from living a fuller and more engaged life. Chasity uses an integrative approach to psychological therapy—this means that she relies on evidenced-based therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and a thorough understanding of the individual in order to tailor a treatment approach that is specific and unique to each person. When working with Chasity in therapy you can expect to encounter compassion, acceptance and a little bit of humor—therapy can be painful at times, but can also include some truly incredible moments of hope and discovery. Her areas of focus include: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, adult recovery from early childhood abuse, parenting challenges, personality disorders, identity development, family/marital conflict, family of origin issues, unresolved/unmet needs, adjustment disorder, schooling challenges, and clinical supervision. Licensed in the USA and in Dubai, Chasity is a mental health counselor and also holds a doctorate in psychology. She is a board-certified counselor (NBCC) in the USA. In addition to providing therapy, Chasity is also a professor at the American University of Sharjah where she teaches and conducts research.

Dr Gunjan Khera


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