Instructional Tutorials

What is Library Search?

A short overview of Library Search, what it can do for you, and how it can improve your research experience.

Accessing Library Search and signing in

An explanation of where to find Library search, both via the Middlesex University Dubai website, and UniHub. Plus the advantages of signing to access personalised features.

Using Library Search to browse for books

A tutorial demonstrating how students can browse for books using keywords and filters to pinpoint relevant results.

Finding specific books using Library Search

A summary of how to quickly find out if we have access to a specific book within the Dubai collection. This tutorial demonstrates how to find and access both print and ebooks, plus locating books within the physical library collection.

Placing a book request via Library Search

An overview of how to place book requests, an explanation of borrowing privileges, tips on how to stay up to date with item return updates and library notifications.

Finding online articles using Library Search

An explanation of how to use Library Search to find academic, magazine, and newspaper articles, plus other online materials. An overview of how to limit results by including additional search terms, and using filters such as subject terms.

Finding a specific online article using Library Search

A summary of the three different searches for specific online articles; basic, advanced, and journal title search. With the help of a citation you can quickly determine if we have access, and retrieve from a database subscription service.