Liaison Librarians

The Middlesex University Librarians are programme information specialists who can assist you in learning how to use the Library’s extensive resources, perform research, and evaluate information.

You may contact your liaison librarians directly to make an appointment.

Abbie Cruz: [email protected]
Laura Barber: [email protected]

Abbie Cruz

MBA (All pathways)

BA Business Management

BA Accounting and Finance

BA International Business

BA Marketing

BSc Business Accounting

BSc International Tourism Management

MA Human Resource Management and Development

MA International Business Management

Master of Communications and Brand Management

MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

MSc Banking and Finance

MSc International Tourism Management

MSc Strategic Marketing

MSc Investment Management

MSc International Hospitality and Events Management


LLM (All pathways)

MA Global Governance and Sustainable Development

MA International Relations

Laura Barber

BA Fashion Design

BA Graphic Design

MA Graphic Design

BA Early Childhood Studies

BA Education Studies

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE)

MA Education (All pathways)

MA Higher Education

BA Advertising, Public Relations, and Branding

BA Digital Media and Communications

BA Film

MA Media Management

BEng Computer Systems Engineering

BSc Business Information Systems

BSc Information Technology

BSc Electronics Engineering

BSc Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

BSc Business Computing & Data Analytics

BSc Psychology (All pathways)

MSc Applied Psychology

MSc Business Information Systems Management

MSc Data Science

MSc Engineering Management

MSc Network Management and Cloud Computing

MSc Robotics

MSc Cybersecurity and PEN Testing