Triple A - Academic Aptitude Assessment

The Triple A -  Academic Aptitude Assessment is an interactive resource that has been designed to assess and compare levels of confidence versus actual academic skills within six areas: 

  • Discovering Information
  • Understanding Information
  • Critical Thinking
  • Referencing
  • Academic Writing
  • Presentation Skills

The resource is aimed at new students transiting into university life as self-awareness and metacognition is an important part of learning. New students often can misjudge academic skills within their new university environment and students unaware of skill deficits will not seek out help. The Triple consists of three parts designed to improve student reflection and metacognition:

  • Part 1 - The Assessment. Total of 60 questions.

Five self-assessment questions in the six areas then five questions assess current knowledge.

  • Part 2 – The Results. Two scores; ‘self-assessed’ and ‘actual’ – help to identify academic skills areas that need improvement.

The discrepancies between self-assessed and actual scores indicate that student expectations and reality of skills could cause difficulty adapting/ transitioning.

  • Part 3 – Learning materials to improve skills.

The materials are ‘open-ended’, can be reviewed anytime and completed at the learner own pace and requirements. 

Please remember that Learning materials in Part 3 of the Triple are a starting point for assistance with academic skills. The Library ([email protected]) and Centre for Academic Success ([email protected]) have dedicated staff and facilities where students can seek in person or online advice and academic support.