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Coursework Submission

Most modules will require that your complete an amount of coursework as part of your assessment.  Coursework can include written work, such as essays, exercises, laboratory logbooks, projects, dissertations, portfolios of written work etc, however it can also include non-written work such as performances, presentations, exhibitions etc.

Handing in coursework

Module tutors will publish deadlines for submission of coursework. If you are required to submit written assessed coursework in a hard-copy, it must be submitted to the Student Office where it will be dated and receipted. You should keep your receipt - it is for your own protection. 

Before submitting coursework to the Student Office it must be securely fastened (stapled or in a folder) and the following information must be clearly marked on the front:

* your name 
* your student number 
* the module code 
* the module tutor's name

Stationery will not be provided at the Student Office counter.

You must take a copy of all your work (photocopy or on disk) prior to submission.


It is important to meet deadlines for submitting written coursework. These will be laid down by module tutors no later than at the time the work is set.

Deadlines to submit coursework at the Student Office is 4:30pm for undergraduate modules and 6:30pm for postgraduate modules.

Sometimes deadlines for different modules will come at the same time, and it is important to plan your workload to meet these deadlines.

Deferral of assessment of coursework is possible but you should ensure that you are aware of the possible consequences of doing this. More information on Deferral can be found here.


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