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Biz Buzz

Finance is at the heart of every business decision, but business leaders are no longer satisfied solely with financial performance – ethical behavior, sustainable procedures and environmental care are now just as important. Accountants of the future can expect to be involved in a wider range of activities such as embedding company’s impact on nature and being ethical even when no one is watching! To completely prepare accountants for the future, the theme for biz*buzz 2020 is sustainability and ethics.

biz*buzz is a bouquet of activities that span developing skills to gaining experience to getting jobs. The festival is on in February and March 2020 and will give extra-ordinary opportunities to students to showcase their expertise and to gain new insights. 

"Who wants to be a CGO?" 

The Middlesex Multiple Intelligence Test

Round 1: Sustainability Awareness Test - 6 February 2020 from 1 – 2pm

Round 2: Quiz Contest - Tuesday,11 February 2020 from 11 – 1pm

Round 2 will be a Quiz format Game Show including questions on Accounting, Finance, Business, General Knowledge, Audio and Visual.

Accounting and Finance Career Day

Session 1: Accounting & Finance Sessions by Professional Bodies - 19 February from 10 – 12pm

Session 2: Guest talk by Industry Expert - 19 February from 1 – 2pm

"Ethics Consultant of the Year" 

Round 1: Ethics Awareness Test - 23 February 2020 (in class)

Round 2: Debate & Rebuttal - 17 March 2020 from 12pm – 2pm

Top 4 teams will qualify to round 2 and win

1st Prize: AED 1000

2nd Prize: AED 700

3rd Prize: AED 300

4th Prize: AED 200

Alumni Networking Dinner

19 March 2019 7:00pm onwards

Exclusively for Accounting and Finance

"Finance Fashion Show" 

Round 1: Case Study to be solved by groups - 26 March 2020 from 12 – 3pm

Round 2: Green Carpet - 26 March 2020 from 3 pm

Field trip to Liv Bank - For IFP A&F students 

Field trip to Nasdaq - For PG A&F students

On campus recruitment UHY James Chartered Accountants - For PG A&F students

Date and Time: TBC

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