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My time at Middlesex University Dubai has been everything I could wish for. Studying BA Honours Psychology with Marketing has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to prepare me for life after I graduate. As an Indian student, the combination of a Quality UK Degree taught in the Gulf has made my experience at the University truly priceless. I am exposed to diversity from my fellow students and faculty, which has contributed toward my ability to work in a multicultural society – something I believe is fundamental for the field in which I want to work. The blend of academic and extracurricular activities at the University has made it the ideal place for me to study, with thought provoking in-class discussions and constant events and social clubs, I am always occupied – something which has worked really well for me.

Aafreen Farrukh

BA Honours Psychology with Marketing (Class of 2019)

I am currently studying BA Honours International Tourism Management at Middlesex University Dubai. The application process was made easy by the University’s friendly Admissions Department, who responded to my application immediately and coached me throughout the process. As a Nigerian student, I chose to study in Dubai because it is a city filled with incredible opportunities, and at the University I have had the chance to meet people from many different countries. As well as making friends from around the world, my lecturers have always been friendly and supportive. Before joining the BA programme, I studied the International Foundation Programme (IFP) at Middlesex University Dubai which prepared me for Undergraduate study.

Fatimah Sadiq Sani

BA Honours International Tourism Management (Class of 2020)

My name is Andrew Rezkalla. I’m from Egypt and I’m currently studying the International Foundation Programme at Middlesex University Dubai. My experience so far has been amazing – I have thoroughly enjoyed studying on the IFP. Not only does the University provide a Quality UK Degree, it provides various extracurricular activities including Dance and Drama which I love to take part in. My lecturers have also been extremely supportive, helping myself and my fellow students to achieve our goals and help pass our assignments throughout the year. If you want to choose a good university – choose Middlesex University Dubai!

Andrew Rezkalla

International Foundation Programme (Class of 2018)

Middlesex University Dubai has opened so many doors for me while providing the Quality UK education it promises to provide. Ever since I joined the University, it has been a second home to me and I look forward to each day because of my fellow students and the excellent faculty members. When I first joined the University, I feared that as an International Student I wouldn’t be able to fit in or make any friends, but everyone at the University has welcomed me with open arms and I’ve easily made it through my first year. The University has also given me the opportunity to showcase talents I never knew I had. I learnt to dance for the first time after joining the Dance Club and I got the chance to improve my running by joining the Athletics Team whereby I have won multiple awards for the University. I’ve also been able to participate in many events which has boosted my self-confidence, something I really felt I lacked until now. I would highly recommend Middlesex University Dubai – it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Nicole Jessica Guinto Hayes

BA Honours International Tourism Management (Class of 2020)

I am currently studying LLB Honours Law at Middlesex University Dubai. As a student from Nigeria, I had always wanted to study in Dubai but I didn’t think I would be able to study for a Law Degree as my home country practices the English Legal System. I was elated when my brother informed me that Middlesex University Dubai was the first and only University in the region to offer a face-to-face LLB Law Degree. I applied and was instantly contacted by the Admissions Department who counselled me throughout my application. My experience so far has been amazing, I have learned so many things and also had the opportunity to work and participate in various University events. I have met people from many different nationalities and also received friendly and thorough support from my lecturers.

Fatima Ibrahim Ciroma

LLB Honours Law (Class of 2020)

It is a great honour to be a student of Middlesex University Dubai. Studying BA Honours Business Management (Finance) at the University has provided me with a firm foundation to develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the workplace. As a student from India, I am surrounded by a friendly and culturally diverse crowd of students who regularly participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. As an elected member of the Student Council and a regular volunteer, I’ve been given the opportunity to work closely with fellow students and faculty which has been an invaluable experience. Above all, Middlesex University Dubai has given me the platform to showcase my abilities as well as enhance and gain new skills.

Muhammed Rizwan

BA Honours Business Management (Finance) (Class of 2018)

Apart from being the most favored tourist destination, the rich culture of Dubai and the vast diversity of people who contribute to the culture is what inspired me to study in Dubai. It was also the only country with endless opportunities to enhance my skills and myself. Middlesex University Dubai is one of the top universities which provides a quality U.K. degree. It is the only university in Dubai which offers a degree in common law, and as common law is practiced in most parts of the world, Middlesex University Dubai was the perfect choice for me.
The Faculty helped me enhance my legal skillset with practical and relevant events such as moot court visits and regular presentations, not only has this benefit me from an academic perspective but has given me the opportunity to meet and befriend people across the globe which in turn has helped massively with my personal development and confidence.
I had access to fantastic facilities, all within walking distance from campus and I lived in the student accommodation with services such as transport, gym facilities, security, and Wi-Fi.
Middlesex University Dubai offers employability services which not only helped enrich my resume but also gives me the initial platform for networking which gives me a huge advantage in my field. And as a result of all of this, I have gained confidence and feel stronger as a woman.

Rowena Manimaran

LLB Honors (Law)

My name is Leena Nimer Al-Attal and I am studying the International Foundation Programme at Middlesex University Dubai. As a student from Jordan, I wanted to study internationally and I searched across Dubai to find a university which provided a degree in Early Education and luckily I found the BA Honours Early Childhood Studies here. Since joining the University, it’s proven to be a great decision due to my fellow students and the support of the faculty. The University has helped me to experience and communicate with people from a wide range of different backgrounds and cultures. I’ve also joined the charity club, Club Impact, which has allowed me to connect with likeminded people and has been a wonderful experience personally. I hope that through the IFP and the BA Early Education Studies at the University, I’ll be able to gain the skills and knowledge I need to succeed after I graduate.

Leena Nimer Al-Attal

International Foundation Programme (Class of 2018)
BA Honours Early Childhood Studies (Class of 2021)

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