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Student Research

Student Research Policies and Schemes


The Student Research Sub-Committee (SRC) has developed clear student research ethical guidelines, in line with international best practice. This helps our students develop a keen awareness of the importance of ethical behaviour in research. Critical ethical engagement is essential at all stages of the research process, from study design through to data collection and the write-up of findings. This focus on ethics in research safeguards the rights and wellbeing of participants from whom data is collected. Students should check with their programme coordinator or research module tutor whether there are any programme-specific ethical requirements they need to consider when conducting their own studies. 

Students intending to collect data as part of a research study must complete an ethics approval form and hand this in to their module lecturer, wherein they provide details (e.g., background, purpose, and methodology) of their proposed research projects. The submitted ethics form is then assessed, and students are provided with feedback on the ethics of their proposed study. When needed, lecturers and supervisors may consult with the Middlesex University Dubai Research Committee during the ethics approval process. 

If you have any queries related to the Student Research Ethics Policy, please contact Dr Fehmida Hussain at [email protected]


Only current students of Middlesex University Dubai and recent graduates of Middlesex University Dubai are eligible for participation in this scheme. 

Middlesex University Dubai has a Student Research Assistant (SRA) scheme for those interested in gaining research experience, through working alongside a faculty member on a pre-assigned research topic. The purpose of the Student Research Assistant (SRA) scheme at Middlesex University Dubai is to give SRAs the opportunity to enhance their research skills, under the supervision of an experienced researcher, and to acquire practical experience to further develop their own academic careers. 

Senior (2nd year, 3rd year, or postgraduate) students of Middlesex University Dubai and recent Middlesex University Dubai graduates (up to 3 years post-graduation) may apply for the post of Student Research Assistant (SRA), when they are available. To be considered for this post, applicants should have excellent academic records and display a keen interest in gaining research experience. 

For more details about the Student Research Assistant scheme, please contact Dr. Fehmida Hussain at [email protected].