MDX Wellness Office

The Middlesex University Dubai Wellness Office aims to launch, support and coordinate a range of initiatives to improve the wellbeing and happiness of students and staff and to promote an inter-disciplinary approach to wellness across the community.

The Wellness Office aims to foster a positive environment for students, staff, and community members, undertaking wellness initiatives in five key areas:

1. Integrated wellness programme

The integrated curriculum offers students the opportunity to engage in resilience-building and stress-management, as well as develop awareness of well-being science, through their own programme of study. This integration exposes students to wellness as part of an enhanced learning experience.

2. mdxMindset Blog

The mdxMindset space is where staff, students, and the community can find wellness stories, science, and support. Information and suggestions on wellness practices, articles, interviews, art, and other contributions will be posted here and will link to the integrated wellness programme across campus.

3. mdxMindset Talks Series

Middlesex University Dubai’s Wellness Office is proud to offer mdxMindset Talks: monthly wellness talks starting in October 2022. Please join us in conversation with students, staff, industry professionals, and the wider community about mental health and wellness topics affecting our society.

Conversations around mental health are long overdue. We are in need of adapting our home, work, and educational spaces to better suit the needs of the people within them. In order to do this, we must talk about health issues affecting individuals, whether those be of physiological or psychological origins.

Learn more about the upcoming talks

4. Research

With the objective of furthering wellness as an academic institution, data will be collected to better understand wellness needs and to measure and analyze the benefits of the wellness events, programmes, and activities on campus. The outcomes will form the basis of future work in well-being as well as contribute to the dissemination of research and knowledge transfer.

5. Collaboration and outreach

Through cross-departmental as well as external collaboration, the Wellness Office aims to bring best practices in 

wellness to our community, creating a wider network of resources and opportunities for students and staff.

6. On-campus support

Weekly Wellness Support Groups are offered to students. The Wellness Office organises campus events and activities for students and staff and liaises with other campus departments to promote physical and mental well-being.

Happiness and wellbeing means:

  • Taking care of your mind
  • Taking care of your body
  • Taking care of your values and beliefs
  • Taking care of your goals and aspirations
  • Taking care of what’s around you
  • Taking care of your connections with those around you

Our staff and faculty offer support throughout your studies, and are available to advise you on coping with stress, overcoming procrastination, revision tips, managing deadlines, and more.

Centre for Academic Success (CAS)

Middlesex University Dubai’s Centre for Academic Success (CAS) is a dedicated space where students can seek advice and academic support from specialist staff and counsellors. The staff deliver the Academic Enrichment Programme and coordinate the Student Learning Assistants. In addition, CAS provides confidential learning disability support, pre-sessional English language booster workshops, as well as pre-sessional academic skills workshops.

Visit for more information.

About Us

Mariam Abonil, Head

Mariam is a senior lecturer in IFP Social Science, Psychology, and Criminology, a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, a Staff Inclusivity Champion, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Tenia Kyriazi, Support and Advocacy Representative

Dr Kyriazi is the Deputy Director of Academic Operations, Head of Law and Politics, Head of the Teaching and Learning Committee, an Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity project representative for the Dubai campus, and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr. Lynda Hyland, Research Coordinator

Dr Hyland is a senior lecturer in Psychology, a member of the Research Committee and Student Research Society, Head of the Careers Employability Services, an Academic Integrity Tutor, and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Yousra Osman, Student Volunteer Coordinator

Dr Osman is a lecturer in Education and Research Lead in the Education Student Research Group.