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InsightsX Lab

The InsightsX  Lab is is the Data Science hub to connect the analytics community and academic fraternity with organisations willing to derive insights from their data. The lab enables academic researchers and the data science community in the UAE to help companies understand how to better monetise their data through the development and application of new predictive models and analytical approach.  

The InsightsLab acts as a data translator to convert the business requirements from various firms in the UAE to data science questions that could be cracked by the crowdsourcing model (analytics community). It also provides expert analytics consulting, corporate training in data science and knowledge sharing sessions.

The Lab is an integral part of Middlesex University Dubai’s Centre for Innovation in Human Experience.


Industry Data Hub & Datathons

The InsightsX  Lab converts the business requirements from corporate partners into a data hub and releases it to the Data Science community via research proposals and datathons (challenges).

Use Case Nights

Data Science practitioners in the UAE are invited to share their success stories of use-case implementation as part of the knowledge sharing session in analytics.

Corporate Training and Consulting

The InsightsX  Lab has an expert team of eminent Data Science professors and consultants responsible for developing and conducting corporate training programmes. Typical areas include: Data Science, AI/ML, Analytical Transformation, Visualisation, and others.

UAE Data Science Meetups

The InsightsX  Lab aims to create an ongoing process for the overall development of Data Science culture in the region. Regular meetups (open and non-commercial) would help to achieve this objective. 


Head of Insightsx Lab

Dr Krishnadas Nanath

Head & Founder – InsightsX Lab
Associate Professor
Computer Engineering and Informatics
Middlesex University Dubai



Committee Members

Dr Sreejith Balasubramanian

Senior Lecturer & Chair Research Committee
Middlesex University Dubai


Sreejith Balasubramanian

Dr Supriya KK

Senior Lecturer, Data Analytics
Middlesex University Dubai 


Supriya Kunnath Kaitheri

Mohammad Osman

Data Scientist  and Adjunct Faculty
Middlesex University Dubai


Atif Ahmad

Data Scientist and Adjunct Faculty
Middlesex University Dubai


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